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    The Cook Timberwolves Snowmobile Club is a club that is based out of the area of Cook, Minnesota, which is well known for it's fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, sight-seeing, and other outdoor activities and recreation. The club, one of the longest currently active in the state, loosely formed about 40 years ago simply as a group of people that liked to ride around for fun. Back then, organized and maintained trails did not exist. Members would spend their time opening up rough lake connector trails, clearing brush, tramping down deep snow, and other work just for the sake of being able to get out and ride. 

    Fast forward to today - our membership includes over 100 total members - including a few from out of the local area! There are about 25 commercial and business members with the remainder being families and individuals. We have been able to make great progress over the years with our local land owners, businesses, other clubs and the state of Minnesota to create some really great trails. With involvement from active members, we are able keep these trails open, maintained, and in top condition. It is because of these trails that once you ride here, you will want to come back again and again!

    We feel that future club membership is important not only for our club but for every other club and the future of snowmobiling as a sport. If you would like to join our club, please inquire for a membership application.
    Involvement is key to securing our great past time for many generations to come. Please, join a club, support snowmobile-friendly businesses, and be a good snowmobile steward for the sake of the future. First-time snowmobilers WILL be repeat snowmobilers!


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