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12/3/23 - Happy Sunday, folks! Although we don't have anything specific to report other than there's no snow in the forecast, we have been proceeding with our normal pre-season trail clearing and maintenance. Working conditions haven't been terrible so far, and there has been enough frozen ground to move around in the woods to clear with ease for the most part. There will be some areas to the south that will need to be accessed later on but we do have a solid start and we are on schedule to groom whenever we get the snow. Keep your fingers crossed!

1/15/24 - Happy New Year! We finally have some items to report on - we have received snow, enough to pack down a base, which has mostly been accomplished on all of the trails. If you choose to go exploring, please try to smash down as much snow over the entire width of the trail as you can. This will help the base freeze down as hard and as wide as possible. Now we need some more snow to groom! We also will be staking the Cook end of Lake Vermilion, which should be done this coming weekend (hopefully the 20th). Then, it will be up to Mother Nature to help us with snow! We did accomplish some off season trail work/maintenance  - but, if you encounter any hazards or items you think we should be aware of, please contact us. Thanks and happy trails!   

April's club will be held at our clubhouse @ 6:30PM this Tuesday night. 

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