12/17/2020 - As is well known, winter is off to a not-so-wintery start. We have been able to conduct some successful work days, however, with our bridge relocation project done (Cook Spur Trail - see pics below) and brushing of most of our trail system also being done. We may get out and do some fine tuning still if we don't end up getting any snow for a while. We'd also like to provide awareness of a slight trail reroute on the Wolftrack Trail just south of town that changes the route for a short stretch. It is clearly marked. 

There's even a ramp to the river! 

1/2/21 - We've been able to groom all of our trails - we've had to tread lightly in some damp areas so we don't create water holes. While things are off to a nice start - please be cautious as snow cover is still somewhat thin so rocks and dirt are exposed in some areas. Please help us maintain what trail base there is for future grooming. Once we get another substantial round of snow, we will be closer to holding a regular grooming schedule. 

We can also report that the Arrowhead Trail, Vermilion access trails and the Laurentian Trail have all been groomed at least once. Additionally, Lake Vermilion is staked and usable on both ends - there are some small pressure ridges forming on the Cook end so we ask you to use caution in that area.

We do need snow - if you plan on riding around this area, expect it to be decent for a short time as we don't have enough to have a thick trail base. Temperatures this coming week are a little on the warm side so let's hope it doesn't last long! Think SNOW! ❄️ 

1/18/21 - As you can imagine, conditions are not great. The bottom line still is that we need more snow. The last "huge storm" we got left us with an inch of snow and a follow up of rain and ice. Not ideal. However - we have been able to do some touch up grooming to make things as good as they can be with the snow that we do have. Please bear with us as we do the best we can. As the last update  asked - please THINK SNOW!

2/5/21 - As you all know, it's COLD! Please be prepared if you plan to ride and let someone know your routes and planned arrivals. So with that - conditions are pretty good, the cold keeps the trail in shape much longer but we do still need SNOW! We can also report that the Vermilion River from Lake Vermilion to the VRT is decent but is rough from that point to the north. As always, please be cautious when traveling any river.