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11/6/2022 - Check our events section for trail work day updates...trail condition updates will follow soon!   

12/22/22 - As you all know, we've received a TON of snow...all of our trails are now packed and some have had some groomer panning. Conditions are still tough going in some areas but the cold weather is helping immensely. We plan on having an updated report on ice conditions and staking real soon. Stay tuned and stay safe out there! 

1/3/23 - All of our trails have been groomed multiple times and are in good shape. The Cook end of Lake Vermilion has also been staked and we have received reports of folks traveling the river from the Dam end to the VRT. This is probably not the best family ride option at this time as conditions on the river are varying. 

2/16/23 - The big question of what condition the trails are in - we've received multiple reports as well as photos that things are holding up - we will still continue to groom as we do have enough snow currently. We received a couple of inches after the rain fell this week and it did cover up a lot of the bare spots that had developed. The warmth did help in the fact that it beat down the rough drifts that were covering Lake Vermilion. Obviously we lost a ton of snow but as of this writing we'd still suggesting following through with any riding plans. 

April's club will be held at our clubhouse @ 6:30PM this Tuesday night. 

3/10/23 - The big question of what condition the trails are in STILL remains - conditions continue to hold on and we have been able to maintain grooming sporadically. We expect conditions to be decent this weekend - and with the crazy forecast, we could gain a few days of extra riding! Please be aware of logging activity west of highway 73 on the Bearskin Trail...also the grade from Elephant Lake to the Vermilion River is plowed so travel slow and be aware, The Vermilion River is very smooth - watch for bare ice in some areas.  

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