The 2019-2020 riding season is here and setting up nicely! We will update this page regularly with trail conditions, reroute information, changes, or any other trail issues. If you have any trail safety concerns or would like more information, please feel free to email us or message us on Facebook! 

12/1/19 - Day 1 of trail clearing was a relative success, lots of miles of trail were tramped and cleared. Despite days of below zero cold with little snow cover, plenty of terrain remains unfroze. We got a pile of snow last night, with amounts varying between 4"-10". More packing and clearing will be needed! Stay tuned! 

12/15/19 - We've had quite a bit of snow the past 10 days - most areas are froze but some open water still remains. All of our local trails have been groomed but still do need some time to improve. No state trails in the local area have been groomed. River information will be discussed as it becomes available. Stay safe out there and use caution. 

12/27/19 - Conditions have deteriorated some due to the unseasonably warm temperatures - however - we have been able to maintain our grooming status and with the impending ridiculous snow storm on the way, we do expect conditions to improve with first dealing with somewhat adverse conditions related to the amount of snow. Also, we do have a Vermilion River update - a small number of folks have reported the section from Wolf Bay Lodge to the VRT to be challenging but passable. There was some open water that was a bit more than what's normally expected. At this time we're not suggesting this route for novice/family type riders. We will provide more updates as conditions change. 

1/6/20 - Conditions for the Vermilion River have deteriorated with the additional snow we received late last week. We are not advising travel on the river at this time. Now the good news - we've been able to return to a regular grooming schedule - all of our trails are maintained in the best condition possible! The state did it's initial groom on the southern portion of the Arrowhead but has not yet groomed from the Crescent to The Landing spur. Please check the MNDNR page for the latest updates. Stay safe, folks!

1/21/20 - Travel is still not advised on the Vermilion River at this time. We are happy to report that the Black/Susan/Elbow trail has been opened and is groomed in areas where it can be reached with our small tow groomer. We will be recovered from the enormous winter dump we received over the weekend - a foot is a lot of snow at once! Grooming will be happening regularly on all of our trails. As currently - the state has also been been able to groom most of their trails on a regular basis. Enjoy our countryside and ride safe!

2/3/20 - After a warm weekend, we will be returning back to mostly seasonal temperatures. Grooming efforts will sustain with snow that will start setting back up again overnight. We have a ton of snow if you didn't already know...plenty to recover trail conditions without additional snowfall. There's been lots of Vermilion River condition inquiries - people have been traveling from the dam end to the VRT, however - it's still not for a novice rider at this time. If you are going to explore that area, expect prior slush ruts to be frozen hard and very rough. Be safe out there, friends! 

2/14/20 - Happy Friday, folks! Cold is the word of the week here around Cook. Saturday looks to be shaping up as a great day to ride. All of our local trails will start the weekend in top shape - as a reminder - if traveling the Vermilion River, please be aware of the frozen slush ruts and tracks. Be safe, stay on your side of the trail and DO NOT TRESPASS! Happy trails! 

2/23/20 - After yet another warm weekend, we will recover conditions to the best of our ability this week. We lost a ton of snow but temperatures will cool off after Monday and should allow trails to remain set up. Please be safe - watch for icy corners to develop. 

3/3/20 - ANOTHER warm week and weekend has kicked our butts - people have still been able to ride with the deteriorating conditions. We expect trails to be rideable Saturday but the forecasted high temperature is approaching 50*F for that patient, watch for icy corners, and get out while you still can! The snow is disappearing quickly! A quick side note - there's areas of the Bearskin Trail that have been plowed down to the dirt by logging folks. These areas are closer to the Bear River area - please use caution and watch for trucks if you venture through here. 

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